Look! I'm in Japan!
A friend asked me today: "What does a "normal" food day look like for you?"

Well, I'll tell you, but so you don't run away screaming I'll have to explain some things first.

The first thing you should know is:

I like simple tastes.
Some might call this bland.  Like my husband.  I'm cooking up some ground beef in a skillet.  He leans over my shoulder and peers in.

Hubby: "And.... are you going to put anything else in there?"
Me: "Why? It already tastes like meat. I like the taste of meat."

He just sighs, shakes his head and goes into the fridge to pick out one of his Paleo hot sauces. Some day I will get him a holster.  He can wear the bottles on his hips, whip them out and twirl them around cowboy-style while he shouts "Yee-haw!"

Probably not going to happen, but a girl can dream.

So yes, I want my whole chicken in the crock pot with just sea salt on it.  It's not just because I'm lazy.  Well, it's that, too.  But still I say "yum!"


Breakfast no longer has its dastardly hold over me.
In my 20's I went to Asia on a few business trips.  I saw temples and Toyko and the largest Buddha statue in Japan but do you know what still blows my mind after all these years?  They ate rice and fish for breakfast.


They don't have "breakfast food", they just have "food".  And sometimes you eat it in the afternoon and sometimes you eat it in the evening and sometimes you eat it in the morning, like when you break your fast after a long sleep.


No toast?  No cereal?  No pancakes? No milk? My world-view expanded, my brain exploded and... then I got home and went back to eating my American breakfasts.  Whew.

But last year I went on a 30 day juice fast which meant I juiced vegetables for breakfast.  And in 30 days I broke my habit of chewing.  Suddenly I was free!  Free!   Free from the tyranny of toast.  Even gluten-free toast.  Meat and veggies for breakfast?  You betcha!

So breakfast to me is just a meal.  And I totally like it that way.  Especially now that I don't get all cranky and hungry after my sugar drop, waiting for the lunch bell to ring so I can get my next fix.


Cooking to me is... optional.
Maybe it's because I like bland food and I don't have any expectations about what breakfast or lunch or dinner should look like.  Or maybe it's because I prefer to do other things with my time.  But whatever the reason cooking to me is like throwing a party.  I get all excited about it once in a while, dress up in my apron and do something special and then say "that was fun" before I go back to eating beef-flavored ground beef out of the pan.

Down the street, on the other hand, my Paleo friend makes amazing meals for her family.  Rack of lamb and salmon and zucchini meat lasagna.   She just invented a dish with purple cabbage, ham and apples that is a total wow.  She even makes her own coconut milk.  She's my hero and if she blogged I'd give her linky love.  But she doesn't, so you are going to get my idea of a typical Paleo day.  Ha!

Example Breakfast:
Meat and stuff.  I don't prefer eggs but the kids have scrambled eggs and bacon a lot.
  • If there is a cold chicken leg in the fridge, I'll grab it.  I love it with nori (seaweed).  Munch, munch.   Quick and easy.
  • Trader Joe's sausage cooked up in bacon grease on top of a plate of cut up cumber or a bed of raw shredded broccoli or steamed and mashed cauliflower.  Yum.
  • Bacon and dates.  (Meat candy!)

Example Lunch:
Meat and stuff.
  • I homeschool the kids so I have the ability to stick chicken legs in the oven for lunch or maybe I'll cook up some chicken thighs with Herbs de Provence on it.
  • Fruit.  Maybe some avocado and plantain chips from Trader Joe's.  Or more cucumber slices.  Whatever is handy.

Example Snack:
  • An apple.  I adore a crisp, organic Fuji.

Example Dinner:
Meat and stuff.
  • Steak or chicken with some herbs or hey, how about some beef flavored ground beef?  Or sausage.  Steamed broccoli or sauteed spinach or the rest of my steamed and mashed cauliflower from breakfast.
  • The kids love mashed yams with coconut butter and cinnamon.

Dessert or Snack Before Bed:
What?  No thanks.  I'm full and happy.

It's true.

I have no sugar cravings.  I'm not hungry.  I'm not wishing I had something... more.  I eat fat with every meal whether I cook something in coconut oil or bacon grease or avocado oil or I pour olive oil on it afterwards.  Or both.  I take magnesium supplements every day which may be why I have not wanted chocolate in over a year.  Not one bit.

So unless I'm in a rare mood cooking up something fancy like 40 Clove Crock Pot Chicken or Brussels Sprouts & Bacon it's a lot of simple meat, veggies and oils over here, with fruit on the side.

And, if you're my husband, hot sauce.  Yee-haw!



10/20/2012 9:58am

You made me LOL so many times during this. Nicely written, a joy to read. I love the dinner . . . "beef flavored ground beef". And your suggestion you'd send linky love has me wondering how to blog my recipes. :)

Alora @ Paleo Person
10/20/2012 10:47am

Girlfriend, if you want to blog, just tell me when.... :) And thank you for the comment, I really appreciate it! Next time I go to the store I'm getting purple cabbage and apples and ham to make the lunch you invented!

Matthew Alan Zastrow
01/06/2014 1:05pm

I also enjoy simple ground beef....if I have it in a 1 pound package I simply open the package and plop it onto the cast iron or anything hot ( a rock heated from a fire can work....but It is a rock....so some people aren't ok putting food on "dirty outside things...").......since it is still in the square shape from the package --- I call it meat block! My fiancé and I usually spend TONS of time and money cooking so when we ran out of variation we thought "hmm what have we not done.....we've done garlic, ginger,basil,coconut curry, spicy, etc.....and finally realized you know....we've never had JUST beef.." and meat block was born - I love your choice of words and language for describing the paleo approach!!!

Alora @ Paleo Person
01/06/2014 6:39pm

Thanks, Matthew! I love your words as well. I think "meat block" has just made it's name debut in my house. :)

(And your comment just inspired me to publish another post so thanks for that as well!)


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